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Tallisms: Tall Dads Celebrate Father’s Day

June 14th, 2013

father and son fishing


Father’s day has special meaning for my husband as it is a great time to reflect on his triumphs and challenges as a father and son.  As a father of two small children that never stop moving, he is conscious of how he is as a father and supportive husband and if he is doing the most he can to be the best dad possible. One of his goals as a father is to give our children as much exposure to as many things as possible so they can leverage those experiences when they make decisions and hopefully make the right decision. That is something he learned from his dad who is an adventurer at his core, who always yearned to see and do more in order to grow and learn.

My husband’s dad towered over him as a kid and adult. He had an innate commanding presence which helped him in law stand eye to eye with the judge perched on his high bench. His energy was indomitable and he never stopped working. He would always tell Ed to “Do something, for God sakes, do something”.  One of the many lessons that Ed learned from his dad is that persistence pays. “Given enough time, you can do anything”.

One of Ed’s most memorable Father & son experiences, was when his dad took him on a canoeing trip which quickly turned into a fiasco. The canoe did not float, the tent leaked, we lacked food and water, we were wet and cold, and Ed did not have the prerequisite training to go down Class 3 rapids since he never canoed before. They somehow came out of it in one piece and Ed learned very quickly that preparation is everything and you cannot bull rush your way into everything. Training and preparation will make your experience an enjoyable and successful one and not a cautionary tale.


fathers day mug

I know my husband loves his dad and love being a dad, too. We asked a few of our tall friends, who are fathers themselves, if they would share in their father & son experiences. Here is what they said:


What is best Father’s Day gift you received?
Cuff Links for my daughters, each with a picture on one of them. –Craig H.

 I am still a relatively “new” Dad, but I look forward to the special days ahead with my growing family.

-Joe W. Tom H concurred.


What Lesson have you learned from your Dad?

Trying is the first step to failure. –Craig H.

Keep your word at all cost, your reputation is your most valuable asset. –Joe W.

Be Happy. –Tom H.


What are your Father’s Day Traditions?

Phone call, grunt something funny at each other. –Craig H.

My Dad has always been an automotive enthusiast and we usually try to incorporate a classic car show into the weekend.  We may have different taste in cars, but it is something I know he enjoys sharing with me when we can. –Joe W.

Call Dad and tell him I love him. –Tom H.


What is your favorite childhood memory with your Dad?

Skiing at Big White in Kelowna BC over Christmas holidays when I was a kid.

Craig H.

I convinced my Dad to get a canoe so we could go fishing with my Uncle and cousin.  On its maiden voyage I tipped over the canoe, we lost all our fishing gear, and we haven’t used the canoe since.  We were cold and wet for hours, but we still laugh about that “bonding” moment. –Joe W.

Fishing with Dad. –Tom H.


What is the best advice from your Dad?

Slow down, use your side mirrors. –Craig H.

There is no such thing as luck … Luck is where opportunity meets preparation”  –Joe W.

Find your Happiness. –Tom H.


Happy Father’s Day!



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