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The Teal Chronicles

Tall Adventures: The Head of the Charles

December 19th, 2012

Welcome and thanks for reading the TEAL Blog.

Our goal is to be the resource for the Tall lifestyle. We will discuss solutions to the every day Tall man challenges, share Tall life experiences, provide updates to Tall men’s health and wellness, keep you informed of Tall men making news around the world and include guest editorials from Tall men around the country.

The Lallier Men 2012

Finding great clothes that fit well has been a generational problem for all Tall families, ours included! (Ed is 6’7, Dad is 6’8 at his peak, Brother is 6’6 and our son is 3 feet and counting).  In the past we have overpaid for custom clothes in order to obtain the basics for work and play or Frankenstein-ed together oversized clothes that just never look or fit right. Enough is enough! As a husband and wife team we decided to launch a premium tall menswear brand committed to making all Tall men look and feel amazing.

We are launching our brand with pants because it is the one item of clothing that you just can’t “fake”. You can roll up shirt sleeves that are too short, but you can’t hide floods. Too often Tall men find pants that cover their legs but never truly fit; their legs look like wind sails or big bags. Well fit pants are the anchor to a great outfit. Our TEAL Premium Chino is an original design that is completely different than anything else out there because of its fit and quality.

We are excited to have you try on a pair and would love your feedback! Nothing matters more to us than your satisfaction with our product and service. Please feel free to contact us anytime and let us know what we can do to make you live better. Also, we encourage all of our Tall friends and family to contribute their experiences, Tall solutions and photos to this blog so we can all benefit from your tips and insights.

Warm Regards,

Ed and Jenni


The Head of the Charles Regatta; one

of Tall Man’s Greatest Competitions!


This past October, our family attended the Head of the Charles Regatta which featured over 8500 participants from over 650 clubs and universities spanning the globe. Each year the city of Boston hosts the largest two-day rowing event, displaying the highest levels of athleticism, tenacity and teamwork.  The city expands it population size by over 400,000 people for this event alone.

It’s quite an impressive feat to see fit men and women row over a 3.2 mile course.

UW Men Clinch the 2012 Men's Eights Race

The Era of Husky dominance continues. The University of Washington Men’s Eight won the race, beating Harvard!  Jenni rowed for the UW Huskies in college and we are both so proud to have an association with this incredible rowing institution.

What we learned: most rowers are 6’3 and taller and they are super fit. All tall family members and friends watch and have a massive tailgate. It’s a great family friendly event and one to see if you are in Boston next October!

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you now how tall you are?”  -TS Elliot 

HOCR photos are courtesy of The Head of the Charles, Incorporated.

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