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The Teal Chronicles

Tall Adventures: West Coast Family Trip Part III

April 18th, 2013

One of our last adventures during our weeklong trip to California was a car ride south to LEGOLAND. Let me begin by saying that I am a big kid at heart and love Legos and I have passed that obsession down to both of my kids. I have always wanted to go to LEGOLAND to see the structures that the Lego geniuses were able to build out of small plastic blocks. We met up with one of Jenni’s friends from college and her family at the park. It was perfect that Jenni’s friend’s children were the same ages and her husband was a closet Lego lover like me so everyone got along well. I knew in advance that many of the rides are for kids under 12 so my expectations were to take it easy on riding in small vehicles and just stand and watch the world of Lego unfold.  I highly recommend parents with children to come to Legoland and experience it for yourself. It is a great time and worth the effort.







ed driving in minivan9:13am


Driving south to LEGOLAND from Anaheim in the comfort of my Chrysler Town & Country Minivan. We have this same car at home and Jenni and I love it. The van is very spacious throughout and has a number of amenities like the stow and go compartments and automatic doors which make life on the run with kids very convenient.  My favorite amenity is the large space behind the brake. It’s large enough to extend my left leg which makes long road trips very comfortable.  Americans know how to make cars for the Big and Tall.



legoland hotellallier photo at legoland entrance








10:00am  Arrived at LEGOLAND just as they opened. Took family shot at entrance and in front of their new LEGOLAND Hotel adjacent to theme park.  Would love to stay there for a night! Each room has Lego structures built into the room. I am already geeking out on Legos. Jenni is worried.



legoland manhattanlegoland white house










10:08am  First we went to Miniland USA which is where all of the world’s famous buildings and destinations are recreated in Lego. The kids and I stand in front of Manhattan, New York including its subway system. Extraordinary!


lego giraffe



We meet up with Jenni’s college friend with her family. Everyone is excited to see each other. We decide to make our way through Imagination Zone to Land of Adventure so the kids can get on some rides and the adults can catch up. I found a giraffe and had to take a photo next to it. How come you are so tall?






lego cargo ace plane



After going on the Bionicle Blaster (Lego version of tea cup ride) we get to the Cargo Ace plane ride. I get in with son and regret it. Theme parks just don’t focus on the big and tall market, why do I keep forgetting this?







lego royal joustroyal joust rules










12:13pm  Next we venture off to Castle Hill for some jousting and then lunch. There is a height and weight limit on the Royal Joust ride. I am deflated when I exceed both. My kids laugh at me as they ride off.



lego darth vaderlego star wars scenelego chewy




2:09pm  After lunch we go to the STAR WARS theme area and marvel at all the exhibits. They recreated each major scene on all the STAR WARS movies. Incredible! My geeking out has now reached its peak from all the Lego STAR WARS pieces.






lego police car2:26pm

After STAR WARS we go to Fun Town to watch our kids take a driving course on Lego cars sponsored by VOLVO. The kids have to complete one loop around the track to receive a driver’s license. My kids were successful but others were more focused on crashing into other kids. I feel bad for the attendant that had to constantly pull kids off the bumpers and set them straight on the track. That’s a real back breaker.




lego sky cruiser 1lego sky cruiser 2








3:45pm  The wait for the Sky Cruiser ride was over one hour! When we get on the ride we thought pedaling would move the carriage but it automatically moves regardless. The pedaling is just to burn off the Castle burger you just ate. The waiting area for the ride was smart. They had a play room where kids could make race cars out of Legos and test them.  I was timed how long I could wait before I had to make my own. I did not last long; only 2.5 minutes.


family photo with lego man


The theme park was closing soon. So we said our goodbyes and ended the day with a photo with a Lego character (I bet he has a hard time finding tall pants too) and a rush to the gift shop for a souvenir.  Yay! We are done. What a day! This completes the week long theme park adventure!


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