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The Teal Chronicles

Tall Adventures: West Coast Family Trip Part II

April 11th, 2013

After visiting Disneyland Resort for a couple days, we took the kids to Knott’s Berry Farm to visit “America’s 1st Theme Park”, but only after a good breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen. Started in 1940, (Disneyland started in the 1950’s) Knott’s Berry farm started out as a roadside farm stand selling berries and berry preserves in the 1920’s.  In 1934, they added a restaurant to sell their famous fried chicken dinners which became a major tourist draw so they added shops and attractions around it to entertain the customers as they waited to be seated at the restaurant (Ghost Town in 1940, Camp Snoopy in 1983, Knott’s Soak City in 1999). 

The Knott family sold it off to a private equity company in the 1990’s known for their love of thriller roller coaster rides. We avoided the adult thriller roller coaster rides (even tall guys fear falling) and stuck to Camp Snoopy, a train ride complete with a train robber, bumper cars I cannot fit in, and a walk through an old Western Ghost Town.  The ownership makeover changed the feel of the park, but the original elements are still present and make the trip worthwhile.  Here is look at what happened during our day at Knott’s Berry Farm.




Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel


family photo at goofy kitchen



Had 9am breakfast reservations at Goofy’s Kitchen and took family photo in front of a collage wall of all old Disney paraphernalia. Very cool. Learned that after Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck was the most popular cartoon Disney figure. That s great,but let’s eat!





goofy high five




Goofy greeted family
at the entrance to his restaurant and gave me a high five. What a gentleman!





 kids photo with dale


Buffett food was excellent and kids were happy. Many Disney characters came by to talk with the children and even some big kids like me.



ed with baloo bear




Very fun, however, disappointed that I am shorter than Baloo Bear. Look he is not wearing pants!






Knott’s Berry Farm 



We leave Goofy’s kitchen and travel to Knott’s Berry Farm in no time. Kids want to go to Camp Snoopy and check out the rides. Of course the first ride is a mini-Nascar experience. I obviously should not be in this car, I can barely fit inside.


KBF mini nascar 2KBF mini nascar 1











camp snoopy bus




I get on the Snoopy Bus with kids and have to sit diagonal while the ride swings you up and down. My knees are starting to hurt now.





bumper car



After a few more Camp Snoopy rides, we get lunch and make our way to the bumper cars.  I cannot drive this thing unless it is with my left foot! Unbelievable!





small coffin




We make our way to Ghost Town and enjoy the sites. Find a made to order coffin shop and like my clothes, I need a custom made Coffin. Not even in death do I fit. Very disconcerting!




KBF prison shot



After escaping a fake train robbery, the kids want to go. I am thrilled because my body is sore and I am searching for Advil at this point. My son wants to take a prison shot with the bear I won for him so I comply, but wonder if imprisonment feels the same way as too tall/big to fit in rides? Great time at Knott’s berry farm! Now it’s off to get some fried chicken!



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