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The Teal Chronicles

Tall Adventures: West Coast Family Trip Part I

April 4th, 2013

After surviving the snowfall this winter (over 100 inches this season), my family and I were ready to leave New England for a while and get some sun and fun on the west coast. We traveled to California to meet up with Jenni’s family to go to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm and Legoland Amusement parks for a week. It was aggressive, but anything beats the cold and snowy tundra we are living in. This post will be one of a three part series illustrating the hilarious moments a tall father has to deal with at amusement parks for kids.




Part I:  Disneyland







Brushing teeth before I start the day at the “happiest place on earth” Wait! I cannot see my mouth. I will have to wing it.










Strategizing the day ahead at Disneyland. Need my coffee to get going, but it’s hard to find it with such a low counter.









Just finished parking the car and now waiting in disabled line to get on bus. This feels awkward. Also, I heard a rumor that being very tall is considered an impairment, thus you can go on all the rides faster through the disabled line. Disney staff laughed at the thought, but said that first and back rows have the most leg room so to check that out. This could be promising.








On bus traveling to Disneyland and have to sit with legs blocking the aisle as there are no good seating options available. At least no one behind me will be able to cut.









We have finally arrived. Just got through the entrance and take family photo. Now I can see if big kids fit on Disneyland rides.







Walking down Main Street USA. I find that walking down the street and dodging traffic is better than walking on the sidewalk.











It’s a bit of a headache.  









My kids are now dictating where to go. My son wants to go on the Indiana Jones Adventure; Temple of the Forbidden Eye.









After waiting for 60 minutes in line and passing 3 consecutive heights tests at different stages of the line (are you kidding me?!), we finally get on the ride. Afterwards, my son is adamant to never go back there for the rest of the trip because it’s too scary. Something to do with snakes popping out at him in the dark. Will stick with happier rides going forward. How about Dumbo?










After a family Dole Whip break, bathroom run and 40 minute ride wait we get through Dumbo unscathed. My son and daughter are happy now and so am I. My son understands awkward by knowing the story of Dumbo and his large ears. I tell him to wait a few years and tell me what it feels like to not find tall pants.







So we finished lunch with the family and decided to go on “It’s A Small World” ride.  Everyone loved the ride and it’s global peace message. Sadly, for this tall guy, it really is a small world after all.








The weather is too warm for jeans so I change into shorts. We get some shade at the King Arthur Carrousel. The wait times are super short and the shade is wonderful. I need a taller horse though. 








The kids want to go to Bugs Life and Cars Land before the sun sets so we hustle over to Francis Ladybug Boogie. The ride has legroom if you get the middle seat and the carriage does not spin really fast like the tea cup ride so no one got sick. Big victory! 







It’s colder now so we bundle back up. We go to Cars Land and after a bit at Flo’s Cafe we go to the Mater tractor ride. The ride leg room is fine and you spin around in figure eights. Very fun!






6:09 pm

We see the tallest Cars character “Red” the fire engine and have to take a photo. Everyone loves the big guy.










The day is done. My mind and body are sore but spirits are high. Disneyland is a happy place for all including tall.





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