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Tall Adventures: How can we HELP you get to the Head of the Charles?

October 31st, 2013

HOTC 2013


The Head of the Charles Regatta is one of the greatest 2 day athletic events in the world and a favorite pastime for our family. Held in Boston MA on October 19th and 20th, over 300,000 people came to see world class rowers compete in a 3 mile long course.  If you ever wanted to see a land of giants, this event is certain to impress. Thousands of tall men and women, in the top 5% of the US population, come to compete and watch. Plus it’s a great place to meet up with college alumni and old rowing friends.




I rowed on the University of Washington’s Women’s crew team in 1995 and was very fortunate to meet with Mike Callahan, Head Coach for the University of Washington’s Men’s crew team, and learned about transportation and the financial challenges that it takes to get the team and their boats across the cross country.  This got me about how we can help University of Washington and other crew teams pay for these extraordinary experiences.


Over 50% of every men’s crew roster on average is over 6 foot 3 inches which is in the tall slender demographic TEAL Apparel supports. I’d love to support Tall people and rowers and if TEAL Apparel can help your rowing program fundraise through private sales please do not hesitate to contact me. I want every rowing program to have the ability to send their team to the Head of the Charles each year.


HOTC promotion


In celebration of the Head of the Charles TEAL is offering a special promotion. Even if you missed us at the event you can still take advantage of the biggest discount we have ever offered: $75 off, use code: CHARLES, expires 11/15/13.


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TEAL Apparel provides premium long pants designed for the man with long legs and a tall frame, made of quality materials, sewn in the USA and sold on-line.



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