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Tall Adventures: Best Lobster Shacks in New England

July 4th, 2013

New England is proud of its lobsters and many lobster shacks have refined their lobster roll to an art form. To me, there is nothing better on a sunny summer weekend than a buttered roll overflowing with lobster, a cool drink and a salty ocean breeze. Lobster is so popular and ingrained into New England culture that it even has its own holiday celebration: National Lobster Day on June 14th.

Lobster eating has not always been a delicacy as it is today. Historically, it was considered to be peasant food because it was very cheap and easy to obtain (you could literally pick them up in a tide pool on the beach). Lobster was so plentiful that it was served to children, prisoners and indentured servants in the colonial times. In fact, there was a prison riot in the 1800s because prisoners were upset about eating lobster every day. In Massachusetts, some servants rebelled and put into their contracts that they could not be forced to eat lobster more than 3 times a week. Apparently it was tough living the gourmet life.

As years passed, demand increased as businesses where able to ship canned lobsters to consumers around the world. Today, demand has increased so much that lobster fishing is a $1 billion dollar industry in Maine alone.  Restaurants in the New England region all have some kind of lobster roll to comfort the taste buds of its patrons, but few are truly masters of the lobster roll. We have manifested a best of the best list of lobster shacks that will blow you away with their lobster rolls. Travelers beware: You may have to order more than one.  


Bon Appetit and Happy 4th!



Top New England Lobster Shacks


abbots lobster roll

(Image above: Abbott’s in CT)


The Clam Shack                      Kennebunkport, ME. 207-967-3321;

Waterman’s Beach Lobster     South Thomaston, ME. 207-596-7819;

Five Islands Lobster Co.         Georgetown, ME. 207-371-2990;

Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier Kittery Point, ME. 207-439-1030;

Thurston’s Lobster Pound      Bernard, ME. 207-244-7600;

Cod End                                  Tenants Harbor, ME. 207-372-6782;



Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough Noank, CT. 860-536-7719;

The Place                                Guilford, CT. 203-453-9276;



Roy Moore Lobster Company Rockport, MA. 978-546-6696

Neptune Oyster                       Boston, MA 617-742-3474

B&G Oysters                           Boston, MA 617-423-0550


(Image below: The Clam Shack in ME)


clam shack lobster roll


New Hampshire

Brown’s Lobster Pound          Seabrook, NH. 603-474-3331;


Rhode Island

Aunt Carrie’s                           Narragansett, RI. 401-783-7930;


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