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Lifestyle: The Heights The NFL Goes To

February 2nd, 2017

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With Super Bowl Championship Number 51 right around the corner the New England Patriots football legacy has never been brighter. Patriots Nation is gearing up for the ultimate season end.  As a Massachusetts based company, naturally TEAL Apparel is cheering the Patriots to a win.

Tall athletes are usually associated with basketball, rowing and volleyball.  But, we thought it would be interesting to look into tall people of the NFL (National Football League). The average height range for an NFL player is between 5’11” and 6’6”.   We were surprised to find that last year the Patriots had the lowest average height in the entire league, roughly 6’1. The tallest player on the team, Sebastian Vollmer, is a towering 6’8. Clearly height isn’t a determining factor in football greatness.


Here is a list of the tallest men who played in the NFL:


Richard Sligh

Richard Sligh, 7’0”, is the tallest NFL football player. He played defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders back in 1967. He is the tallest pro football player in history.

NFL richard

Terell Brown

Terell Brown, at 6’10”, plays for the St. Louis Rams offensive tackle. He is tied for height with Kansas City Chiefs, Morris Stroud.


NFL Terell


Morris Stroud

Morris Stroud, also 6’10”, played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the 1970’s. He was a Tight End for the Chiefs, and was considered the tallest pro NFL player at that time.


NFL Morris


 Ed “Too Tall” Jones

Ed “Too Tall” Jones, 6’9”, has it right in his name, too tall. He played for 15 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys.




King Dunlap

King Dunlap who is also 6’9” plays offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers.


NFL King


Good luck to both the Patriots and the Falcons. We will be watching!


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Patriots height data:





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