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Letter from the Founder

December 17th, 2014

A conversation with longtime fan and TEAL Customer, Mike, sparked this blog post.


(Above: Mike and his daughter on a hike)

After his recent purchase of our All American chinos, Mike and I had a phone conversation. He revealed that he was so happy to have “figured out pants”. Knowing exactly where he could go to purchase chinos that fit, taking the guesswork out of size and quality, was a relief.  My response was that now he could apply the energy, that he used to reserve for finding clothes, to go out and live his life. This led our conversation to Mark Zuckerberg and his grey t-shirts. 

zuckerberg grey t shirt

At a Facebook Town Hall Meeting, Zuckerberg answered a question about his limited wardrobe by claiming that he simply lacks the time and energy to pick a new outfit every day. “I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve the community,” he said.

gray chinos smallest

(Above: Italian Slim Fit Chino in Storm $190,

What I really like about Zuckerberg’s thinking is his formulaic approach to dressing.  Wearing one type of clothing (for Mark it’s a grey t-shirt, for the tall guy it’s a TEAL chino) you can “rip and reapply” every day. Removing the unnecessary guess work and energy to dress frees up time to use somewhere else! 

aatradnavy.1 smallest

(Above: All American Traditional Fit Chino in Navy $87,

If you recall, I blogged about trying to find a winter coat for my husband. It was a multi-day, several step process that involved driving across state borders, shopping in stores and online and waiting for days. (read the post:

shopping adventure

I understand what it’s like to crack the code in tall menswear department, the emotions range from genuine excitement to relief. My goal is for TEAL Apparel to help tall men and their loved ones find pants that fit, enabling them to solve a clothing problem, feel incredible about how they look and free up time to play the game of life.

Happy Holidays and here’s to cracking the code!



For starters, TEAL Apparel is first and foremost, all about tall. And long. Verticality.  North and south. Head to toe.

In short, we rock tall. East and west — horizontal — width and breadth, not so much. In fact, not at all. Our goal is to produce a line of affordable tall mens clothing that place a premium on fit, function and form. We utilize the finest materials and manufacture right here in the USA. That’s us. Who we are. What we do.

For Men 6′ and taller

Live Tall. And Extra Long. 


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