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Tall Living: Office Space

February 9th, 2017

Tall Living Desk


Tall people know how hard it is to find office furniture with the right proportions. Either your desk is too short and your knees are barely, if at all, fitting under the desk. Or you’re stuck with a short chair that leaves your hips resting below your knees. This can lead to flexion of the spine, and lower back pain.


Tall Living Office Space Desk Riser


Here are a few solutions. You don’t have to suffer long hours at work cramped up in a standard sized chair at an average desk. One way to fix this is to get desk leg risers. Desk leg risers can come is all shapes and sizes. They simply go underneath each leg of your desk, to give you that extra bit of height that you might need. Another solution is to get a desk top riser, which elevates your computer screen and keyboard so you don’t have to hunch over your desk to get your work done.


Tall Living Office Space Desk Top Riser (1)


Another solution to discomfort in your office is getting a chair that is tall enough. Tall desk chairs allow you to sit at your desired height, and has plenty of back support.


Tall Living Office Space Tall Chair



Gone are the days of using cinder blocks and books to raise your desk up!


You can shop online at these retailers for your desk leg raisers, desk top risers or taller chairs:



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