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Adventures: Six Tips for Traveling Tall

January 26th, 2017

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We’re  sure everyone has been on a flight where their legs just get cramped up, now imagine that feeling being 6’ or taller. Tall men and women are never remotely comfortable on flights.

The standard for legroom in the United States is a total of 31 inches and is commonly used by most airlines. When taking into consideration a person of a taller height, 31 inches is barely enough room for the tall flier and an awkward space to comfortably fit longer legs. One can obviously have a better experience by upgrading your seat for extra money, but airlines should do more to accommodate passengers of all sizes.

1. To enhance your flying experience pick a carrier with more leg space.


Top three United States airlines with the most leg room:

  • JetBlue: 33 to 34 inches
  • Virgin America: 32 inches
  • Southwest: 32 to 33 inches

Airlines only have a weight standard, claiming that the average passenger weighs about 190 pounds, but there is no average for height. So here are five helpful tips for tall people on how to get a little more comfort on your next flight.

2. Book Your Flight in Advance

By booking in advance, it gives you more seating choices. You’ll have a better chance of getting an “extra leg room” seat, though you might have to pay a little extra. If you can’t pick your seat, try flying at “non-peak hours”. This way, you have a better chance of having an emptier flight, which means you might get a few open seats next to you to stretch out.

3. Arrive Early To The Gate

By arriving early, you can ask the person who is checking you in if there are any emergency exit seats available. Emergency exit rows have more room in case of an emergency. If your height doesn’t tip them off, be polite and express how much discomfort you’ll be in, generally the person checking you in will take pitty on you and help out or even upgrade you to an emergency exit seat with no extra charge. If you cannot get an emergency exit seat, go for the row behind the emergency exit row. This is because the emergency exit seats do not recline.

4. Get As Much Room As You Can

Don’t travel with anything under the seat in front of you. This will give you more room to stretch your legs under the seat. Also, try removing the magazines in the seat pocket. Though there is very limited leg room, getting every available centimeter of room will count.

5. Get Up And Stretch

Stretching can really benefit you, especially on long flights. When the seatbelt light is off, feel free to walk up and down the aisles. Or even on some Jet Blue flights, you can congregate in the back of the plane right in front of the flight attendant’s section.

6. Distractions

If all else fails, just sit back, relax as much as you can, and enjoy your flight. Pick a movie to watch, or get a good book before you take off. Try and get you mind off the discomfort as much as you can.


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