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Traditional Fit

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Here's the Rundown...

Italian Traditional Fit Dress Chinos 

A classic, roomier fit designed for increased comfort, while firmly residing in the "tall" (e.g. not "big") camp.

When we were researching designs and styles we liked, we quickly learned that not everyone sparks to snug, form-fitting fashion mores. Many a tall person has shown himself to be a man with more full cut leanings -- skewed, we're only guessing here -- to the slightly less hip traditions of their non-Italian papas.  Guys who eschew trendiness in all forms and who prefer a pant that sits comfortably below the waist before making a straight shot down past the hip and continuing on through the thigh. Straight up, straight down.  A pant they can easily slide into one perfectly straight cut leg at a time.  A trouser that absolutely begs any man wearing them to stand in his socks on the sofa and roar loudly like a Milanese lion to no one in particular. 


Made right here in the USA, these pants come with two angled, high capacity pockets for lightning fast entry/exit, knee openings positioned for your longer than average legs, a durable snag proof zipper, real water buffalo horn buttons and signature front tab that provides a polished look with or without a belt.

Fabric and Care

13 oz., 100% Cotton Twill.  Sanded for extra softness.   


40 inches, unfinished, so you can customize the perfect length.


Our Traditional Fit Chinos are designed specifically for guys like you who are Great Danes - bred to be regal, handsome and happy in Traditional Fit chinos with the sort of length that are not only guaranteed to hide any number of holes in your socks, but to provide the perfect amount of room to comfortably house your more athletically chiseled backsides. Same goes for your ripped thighs. 

Model wears: Size 38 Traditional Fit

Model measures - Height: 6'7", Weight: 217 lbs.

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