For Men 6' and Taller

Live Tall. and extra long.

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Our Teal Apparel Polo is built on the basic premise that length and girth are neither interchangeable words

Girth is an outlier to us. And length means long and long is at the heart of every Polo that carries our name. With longer sleeves a longer cut through the torso, and real shell trochas buttons, our Polo also sports a handsomely detailed collar that is longer on the finely finished, dressier end of the polo shirt spectrum — important points to make, as long as we’re talking about long here, and we are. NOTE: Our collar is made with the same fabric as our shirt, not with some less expensive, ribbed knit polyester stand-in collar that is customarily found on all polos that we neither make, sell or even like.


Speaking of fabric, ours is woven in the great state of Pennsylvania and features an athletic performance, constructed with 100% micropoly wicking pique that doesn’t shrink or morph into the shape of a parachute over multiple washes. Finally it is finished with a super duper moisture management treatment sweaters will love. NOTE: You will never sweat another drop. It’s magic. FOLLOW UP NOTE: Actually, you will sweat exactly as always, but you just won’t know it because the shirt you’re wearing just won’t show it.

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