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Press: TEAL Apparel Year End Review

January 9th, 2014

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Happy 2014 Everyone,

2013 was a tremendous year for TEAL Apparel. Much has transpired since the Launch in April and I want to thank everyone for their support and feedback. I launched TEAL to solve the many clothing challenges Long & Tall men and their loved ones encounter each day while providing a premium clothing option designed to fit and feel amazing. So I wanted to share with you what was accomplished last year, what I learned and give some insight as to where TEAL is going in 2014. I am here to serve you so your feedback is encouraged, I’d love to hear from YOU! This is a small family business with Long & Tall dreams. Nothing great ever came easy, yet a step forward is a step in the right direction. All best wishes in 2014 and come back soon.


Warm Regards,



What I did:


  • Launch TEAL Apparel with 2 styles of premium chinos (slim and traditional fit)
  • Moved to new location in Massachusetts to be closer to Boston
  • Added inventory for greater selection
  • Revised our story so you understand what TEAL stands
  • Tailored the blog to discuss lifestyle trends in the Long & Tall space
  • Included Free Shipping and Free Returns on all orders, because no one wants a hassle
  • Defined the target market in bold black on the top of our website, because many customers questioned if they were TALL enough
  • Increased our operations and design team to 6 people to improve quality, production and efficiency


 What I learned:


  • There are over 7.7 million men over 6’3 in the US and there is no premium clothing option designed to fit them.
  • 70% of all menswear shopping is done by women and done online
  • Resourcefulness and persistence pay dividends later
  • Never stop learning and improving
  • Trust is earned
  • Make friends
  • Success is made one customer at a time
  • Don’t fear failure, but work your tail off to win
  • Technology can be a helpful agent if you can understand and use it well
  • A great product cannot be made without a great team and the patience to develop it


 What is next?


  • Colors! More colors are on the way for the traditional and slim fits. Finally you can add some variety to your wardrobe
  • Shorts that have added length, because short shorts are embarrassing
  • Video – a better medium to tell our story 


TEAL Apparel provides premium long pants designed for the Long & Tall man, made of quality materials, sewn in the USA and sold on-line.

Men’s clothing for the Long & Tall, not Big & Tall 


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