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The Teal Chronicles

Pantlightenment: Matt

December 27th, 2012

Pantlightenment:  Matt Lallier


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Occupation: Attorney

Hometown: Danvers, Massachusetts

Height: 6’6



1. Why do you love your TEAL Premium Chino?

Finally! A pair of pants with pockets deep and big enough for my hands. I also love that I can customize the break in the leg.

2. How do you style your TEAL Premium Chino?

TEAL pants with a crisp button-down shirt or crew-neck sweater is my go-to look when I’m not in the courtroom. It’s a polished but business-casual style for the office.

3. As a tall man, which item(s) of clothing do you find most challenging to find?

I often sacrifice width for length. I can never find pants that fit properly in the waist AND leg, or shirts that are long enough in the sleeve without being big and blousy. Tall does not mean big — I’m not an XL in width, I’m an XL in length! 

4. What’s your best tall solution?

Roll up my sleeves or wear shorts! 

5. Can you please share your most memorable tall story/experience?

Everyone says: “You are sooo tall! You must play basketball!” I had to start playing because I was tired of lying.

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