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The Teal Chronicles

Our Interns: Lauren and Naomi

July 14th, 2017



Lauren Shropshire, Newbury College, Graduate


Lauren (left) on what she learned



Thoughts on being an intern?

I really enjoyed being an intern at TEAL Apparel. I not only had fun, but I feel that I learned a lot about how a business runs. I really loved being up close with the products, and being able to see all the different facets of how the product goes from being an idea to becoming a reality. I liked that TEAL was a small company, because I feel that if I had interned at a large corporation, I wouldn’t have learned as much. 

What did you expect?

I don’t really know what I expected to be honest. I guess when I think of an intern and an internship, I think of someone who is fetching coffees for the big boss. But that is not what TEAL was like at all. I didn’t think as an intern that Jenni would ask for my opinion or my input on products as much as she did. I also didn’t think the internship would be as hands on as it was.
intern 2

Best part of the internship?

There were a lot of best parts of this internship for me. One of the parts that I really enjoyed was going to the factory. I loved seeing where and how the clothing was made. I also really liked sitting in on meetings with Jenni. I thought it was very interesting to see how meetings like this work. I think I learned a lot from watching Jenni in these meetings, and hearing and seeing the types of questions she asks, and how she answers the questions that are posed to her.
intern 3

What surprised you the most?

Hmmm…The thing that surprised me the most is how cool Jenni is and how passionate she is about TEAL Apparel. Like I said, I didn’t really know what to expect with this Internship, but Jenni exceeded anything that I could have imagined. She was just so helpful, I feel that I’ve learned a lot with just talking to Jenni and getting advice on my future. Jenni is very insightful, super encouraging and supportive. I really enjoyed this internship, and all the information and skills that I have gained from this. 


This past Winter/Spring TEAL had a new first. Instead of one intern we lucked out with two. This dynamic duo came to us from Newbury College, with Fashion Merchandising majors and several shared experiences including, study abroad in Florence, Italty to directing and coordinating the College’s fashion show. To say we hit the jackpot was an understatement. They cranked out blog posts, did research on several new products, sat in on sample fittings, shot tons of material for social media, coordinated a photoshoot, joined a sales pitch to a new client and journeyed to our factory in Everett.  Lauren and Naomi model teamwork, commitment, creativity and determination. Thank you and congratulations on your graduation from Newbury College! Wishing you both much learning and success. 

-Jenni, Founder and CEO of TEAL Apparel


For starters, TEAL Apparel is first and foremost, all about tall. And long. Verticality.  North and south. Head to toe.

In short, we rock tall. East and west — horizontal — width and breadth, not so much. In fact, not at all. Our goal is to produce a line of affordable tall mens clothing that place a premium on fit, function and form. We utilize the finest materials and manufacture right here in the USA. That’s us. Who we are. What we do.

For Men 6′ and taller

Live Tall. And Extra Long.  


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