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December 4th, 2015


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During college, I was a student athlete on the crew team. At 5’9 I was on the short end of the spectrum. Many of my teammates were 5’10 – 6’+.  Finding an appropriately tall person to date was as easy as finding another student athlete.  The tall dating pool was built in.

However, after school, in my 20s I moved to a big city.  I had a few above average height friends (gals 6′ tall) and I noticed that tall mates seemed less available unless you were part of an athletic club (e.g. volleyball club, triathlete circuit) or just got lucky and worked with a tall person or tall people). It was challenging to find tall guys to date and it seemed like the most important criteria (aside from having a job and not being an axe murderer!!) was height. They needed to find someone that was taller than them.

With each generation getting taller finding a tall mate may become more of a challenge. Founder, Richard Vickery, tells us why and how his tall dating site works. started in the UK and is now in the US and it boasts 80 marriages. If height is a “must-have” quality for you then read on and find out how weeds out the shorter mates. Let vertically enhanced love find you.



Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.

-Loretta Young




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Why a tall specific dating site?

When I got to that age where you start going to nightclubs and bars trying to find girlfriends I would always struggle to meet someone. Not becuase I was ugly (well I hope that wasn’t the reason!) but because I was tall. You see I had a growth spurt in my teenage years and in my late teens I was head and shoulders above everyone my age. So when I walked into a bar I was very often the tallest person of my age in there and the majority of the women my age were much shorter. This continued all the way throught my early 20’s. It made me think that I meeded to find a way to solve this problem. So one evening I searched for free domain names and realised was free, I bought it immediately and started a tall persons dating site.




Do tall people have more difficulty finding a mate?



Well from my experience and the feedback I have had from other people, the answer would be yes! Women seems to want to date men who are taller than them, much of this is due to social pressure (it’s not often you see couples where the man is shorter) and some of it is to do with wanting to feel protected by a taller man. For tall men, it’s again the social pressure but also the fact that a really big height difference can feel awkward. Tall people get enough people stare at them when they walk along on their own, that is multiplied 10 times when they walk hand in hand with a partner who is much shorter.







Are tall people considered more attractive which is why they can have their own site?



No I don’t think so. The idea of the site is to allow tall people to meet other tall people, in order to avoid the “difficult” situations that arise when tall people date much shorter people.



How does your dating site work? Do you set up a profile, wink, go on dates, etc?



You can join our site for free initially, so you can see if it is of interest. You set up a profile, which includes a photo, some multiple choice questions which you answer about yourself and a small bio. Once that is done, you can then search for people you might want to date and send them a ‘wink’ (which is an easy way to say you like the look of them) or a message. If you want to arrange a date, you have to upgrade to paid membership.




What is the cost to join your service?



Our business model is a subscription service. The costs are as follows, 6 month’s membership £79.95, 3 month’s membership £49.95 and 1 month membership – £24.95. We are up to 72% cheaper than one of the most popular dating sites and of course we only have tall members on our site which is just what tall people want. I am happy to give your readers a 50% discount on a 1 month membership, all they need to do is enter code “50TALL” at checkout.



How do you set yourself apart from your peers?



Two things set us apart from our peers. Firstly we are one of the only tall dating sites that restricts members by height, women have to be 5’5’’ and over, men 6’0’’ and over. Secndly we are building a tall community, to discuss tall issues, have a laught about all those things tall people are asked etc.



Why did you start this business? Was it to find a relationship? Can you share other success stories?



I started the business in 2012: As I mentioned above it was to solve a problem that I had encountered when I was younger. I would definitely use it to find a relationship, but when I created the site I was already in a relationship.


We have had over 80 marriages so I can happily share some success stories.  To be continued in a future post.


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