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Hot Off The Press: Leg Lengthening Surgery for the Height Deficient

September 20th, 2013


leg lengthening


Height is a gift from your ancestors as is your body and personality traits. Cherish what you have and don’t mess with perfection. However, there are some who wish to make body improvements unnaturally in order to improve happiness and self-esteem. This particular extreme measure seems unbearable, but if the results increase happiness that is what matters.

I know of sex change operations, nip and tuck or breast implants, but never heard of increasing height through surgery. In this operation, the surgeon physically breaks apart the leg into two pieces, inserts a metal rod in between and screws it into the bones elongating the body by 6 inches. Amazing that leg lengthening surgery is now a reality. The procedure does not come cheap of course. It will cost around $85,000, the recovery is long and very few doctors in the US can perform the operation. There is a website that documents patients’ journeys through this process: But why do it?

I recommend you read this ABC news story, watch the video and gauge for yourself whether or not surgical stilts implanted into your body are worth your happiness. Our opinion is that you are great in your own unique way; it is what’s inside that counts.


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