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Health: Sotos Syndrome

January 27th, 2017


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Broc D. Brown is not your average 19-year-old. He is actually the world’s tallest teen at a whopping 7ft, 8ins and is still growing. He grows at an astonishing rate of 6 inches per year. If Broc continues to grow at this rate, he’ll be on track to become the world’s tallest man. It is said that Broc was about 5’2” in kindergarten, 6ft by middle school, and 7ft tall by high school.

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Broc suffers from Sotos Syndrome, also known as cerebral gigantism, which is a genetic disorder that causes excessive growth. Along with this disorder, Broc also suffers from learning disabilities, strain on the heart, curvature of the spine, and narrowing of the spinal cord. But Broc doesn’t let anything get in his way.


Tall Teen Picture

 When you’re that tall, it’s hard to find clothes to fit just right, so Broc has to get all his clothes specially made for him. He has to get shoes and socks made for him because you can’t find size 28 sneakers in any store. He has a special 8ft bed so his feet don’t hang off. His community has come together and raised $10,000 for Broc and his family so that they can afford clothing for Broc.

Broc, you definitely Live Tall and Extra Long. You are not alone, we’re reassured to know that your community is rallying around you! We are also inspired by your ability to stay positive despite your many challenges. Make the most of your height and go for it!  


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Learn more about Sotos Syndrome:

Learn more about Broc D. Brown:



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