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Health: Long & Tall Men Are Not Obese, Here’s Proof

January 2nd, 2014

Recently my husband, Ed, went to his pediatrician for his annual checkup and was directed to the Body Mass Index (BMI) chart on the door to explain if his tall size was obese. The chart only went to 6’4, yet Ed is 6’7.  So the doctor made an educated guess that he was not obese given his weight of 218 lbs. and height.

BMI Chart 1 – For Men Under 6’4

BMI chart for men under 6'3


We found it disturbing that the chart did not include men taller than 6’3 so I created our own BMI chart specifically for men over 6 feet tall.

 BMI Chart 2 – For Men over 6′

BMI chart for men over 6 foot

The BMI charts are extremely informative about the range of people’s health given their height and weight.

Interesting Stats
The BMI index formula is kg/m² or your weight in kilograms divided by your height squared in meters. 

Average Weight for men in the US over 20 years old by percentile (according to

50% 189 lbs

75% 218 lbs

85% 236 lbs

90% 252 lbs

95% 273 lbs


Average Height for men in the US over 20 years old by percentile (according to

50% 69 in or 5 ft 9 in

75% 71 in or 5 ft 11 in

85% 72 in or 6 ft

90% 73 in or 6 ft 1 in

95% 74 in or 6 ft 2 in


35% of the US population is obese (according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The results of the research were quite interesting. I found that the taller you are, the less likely you are to become obese as you have more mass to distribute throughout your body. The BMI charts clearly show that men under 6’3 are more likely to be considered obese versus those taller than 6’3. So if you are tall and considered big, you are not necessarily obese. The good news is that we sell clothes for the Long & Tall man who is not obese so rest assured that TEAL will have something great waiting for you when you need it.  Have a happy and healthy New Year everyone!


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