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Health and Wellness: Standing Tall To Improve Your Health and Happiness

May 9th, 2013

My husband recently encountered a new trend in the workplace:  standing while you work.  After resarching the topic I found our that sitting down for the majority of the day is not healthy and has a tremendous number of negative side effects such as: back pain, weight gain, loss of energy, lack of productivity and sadness.

Read on to learn more about this subject.

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 standing at meeting


Standing Tall To Improve Your Health and Happiness


What happens if you sit over six hours a day?

  • 54% more likely to die of heart attacks (research journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise).  
  • Death Prematurely by over 37% for women and 18% higher for men (2010 study by American Cancer Society)
  • Burn 40% less calories than those who stand (research study from Men’s Health).

The standing at work concept includes meetings too. Many corporate conference rooms have no chairs or meetings are conducted with everyone standing up. A 1998 study showed the meetings were found to be one third shorter and the decision results where the same.  It is no wonder why the people I see standing at work look healthier, are happy and more productive.

Jenni also did a self-study this past week, combining more physical tasks (20 minute exercise, packing moving boxes, fulfilling and shipping orders) requiring her to step away from the desk frequently. She found that her productivity was higher when she returned to her desk after doing other tasks in addition to feeling more alert, healthier and happier.


So why is this relevant for the long legged man?


Guys with long legs, like me, historically do not fit under normal sized desks (30 inch height) and a great solution for this problem is to stand and use a standing desk. Not only is it healthier, but we’ve found it can enhance your work performance and happiness. There are many standing desk options in the market, but there are three that we believe would specifically help the tall man with long legs.

Don’t forget to maintain an ergonomically correct posture:

  • Make  sure your monitor is at eye level
  • Keep your arms parallel to the floor  (your arms should be at the same level as the keyboard)


Found: Standing Workstations



kangaroo standing desk


Kangaroo Pro Junior

Adjusts main work surface height 15″ above your desk




Safco Products Company - Images Library




Safco Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Workstation

Adjusts height from 35″ to 49″





Anthro Elevate 2 standing desk



Anthro Elevate II

Adjusts height from 28″ to 47″

Lifts 150 lbs.



Hot Off The Press: Ditch Your Office Chair for a New Standing Desk


Also, read this great blog post from WIRED Magazine regarding this same issue:

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