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Health and Wellness – Dry Socket: Tall man’s big pain in the mouth

November 7th, 2013



At the age of 35 my husband, Ed, recently had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled. Once the teeth are removed the body is smart enough to fill in the holes as to prevent infection. However the recovery and pain can be big for a long and tall guy. This recovery condition is called Dry Socket and defined as extreme pain that occurs after a permanent adult tooth is extracted. Sadly, Ed was impacted by this complication and felt like this was an important issue to highlight for would-be patients who may have to extract a tooth.

Beware! If you are long and tall the risks for dry-socket are higher because it takes the body longer to heal and for the bone to close the holes where your tooth once was. The pain is caused by the exposure of the underlying bone and nerves.

So how do you fix the problem?

The way to beat dry socket is to go to your oral surgeon and they will fill the empty tooth socket with a substance in order to prevent the exposed nerve from being contacted. Pain medication and a bottle of Jack Daniels will not be enough.  Your best bet is the oral surgeon whose treatments can reduce the pain and facilitate healing. So, long and tall friends, be aware of potential big pain and know that there are methods to help the healing.


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