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Found: Long Neck Ties

December 5th, 2013

The typical neck tie is not long enough for tall men. Finding long ties is one of the biggest challenges when outfitting tall men for work. The neck tie which evokes sophistication and professionalism falls short of such an image because its length is too short.  A normal tie rests on the middle of the waist line for an average person, but on a tall guy, that normal tie ends up 4 or 5 inches above the waist line. A short tie reinforces the tall awkward  image.  

Many Long & Tall men are creative with how to compensate for these tie short comings. They either tie a half Windsor knot instead of a full Windsor knot to add two plus inches of tie length or they tie the knot higher up in order to extend the tie length. The problem with the latter is the back of the tie is too short to be placed in the back loop so it dangles freely and exposes the wearer’s dark secret: he is wearing clothes too small for him.

But there is good news, we have discovered a few long tie brands & retailers (listed below in no specific order) that will solve this problem!  All of these ties go well with a dress shirt and TEAL Premium Chinos.


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Our Long Tie Top Picks: 




1. Nordstrom


nordstrom extra long tie








great selection, generally the ties are 64” long


2. Big Shot Neckwear


big shot neckwear long tie









great selection, our favorites include the Satin Dot and all Stripes.  ties are 67″ long


3. Vineyard Vines


vineyard vines long tie








love these preppy ties, great prints, only drawback is that their extra long ties are 63″ long









if you like stripes these are the ties for you, ties are 64″ long


TEAL Tips: 

Typical tie length: 58-62”

Long tie length: 63-67”

To fold a Windsor knot you need at least 66”


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