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Found: Perfect Fit Cashmere Sweaters for Tall Men

February 7th, 2014


Hello Everyone,

I am always on the lookout for premium clothing options for my tall friends, I recently found Peter Millar’s high quality cashmere sweaters and vests that fit the tall man (size XXL). Peter Millar knows sweaters well since they launched their brand with a sweater and have grown exponentially since. What makes cashmere sweaters better than wool is its fiber quality. 

Unlike wool, cashmere is lighter and softer with excellent insulation. Cold winter temperatures demand that you wear suitable attire for performance and function at work and at home. Cashmere sweaters provide these features while raising your style to an upscale business casual look. What is great about the cashmere sweater is that it can replace the formal jacket and still look dressy.

Wool sweaters are heavier, cheaper, and look much more casual. Wool is great if you need a cost effective casual look for more rugged activities.  But for work and social events, cashmere sweaters are the better choice.

Below are 3 cashmere sweaters (Black and Gray V-necks and a Red quarter zip) that are priced between $177 to $325 depending on whether or not there is a promotion. These sweaters are made well. Purchasing premium clothes is worth the investment as it stands the test of time, plus I can attest that the ladies will like your look more.

Warm Regards,

Jenni Lallier


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IMG_5438 Classic Cashmere V-Neck in Black




Cotton/Cashmere Quarter Zip 



IMG_5436Classic Cashmere V-Neck in Grey


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