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Lifestyle: Packing Tips for the Tall Business Traveler

December 19th, 2013

Business traveling is particularly challenging for the tall man. Comfort and ease are not economical options for the tall executive like it is with average sized people. Tall travelers tend to pay more for better seats, more leg room and more bag accommodation. My husband, Ed, travels every week and has found that being light and mobile is very important when traveling to your destination. He never checks luggage; always carries on since it provides flexibility if he needs to change flights quickly or if there are delays and cancellations. 

My husband says the big issue for tall travelers is packing the suitcase correctly so it can fit in the overhead compartment of the airplane. The reason why it’s a big issue is that tall peoples clothes have more mass (about 20-25% more) and its harder to pack all the necessary travel items into a normal size carry on suitcase.  Scroll down to see how Ed packs for a 2-3 day trip. Versatility is key. Here is a packing cheat sheet for you on your next business trip. Travel well!


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If you are going on a 2-3 day trip, you will need the following to fit in your carry-on suitcase:


  • A dark suit (basic color that conceals stains from traveling), black dress shoes, 2 neck ties, and black leather belt
  • 2-3 days-worth of dress socks, underwear and t-shirts (optional)
  • 1 button down white/blue dress shirt
  • 1 set of casual wear: a button down shirt and jeans (something you can grab a meal in). Ed makes sure the shirt can also be used a backup dress shirt if my white/blue dress shirt is ruined
  • Gym outfit: 1 pair of sneakers, t-shirt, a pair of gym socks and shorts
  • Toiletries














Once you have found the items to pack, now you must insert them thoughtfully into the suitcase. Sneakers need to go in first. Ed’s size 14 shoe takes up about 35-40% of my suitcase right from the start so he has to be strategic on how he packs the rest of his clothes.  Rolling clothes is the best way to reduce wrinkles and reduce space used per item. Start with the pants first, then the shirts and undergarments. Squeeze the socks into the sneakers or into the zipper compartments on the floor of the suitcase.













You are almost done. Finally press your remaining clothing options (ties, pajamas, extra shirts, etc) and your toiletries onto the top of your rolled clothes. Press down to remove air and zipper the suitcase closed.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Never pack your suit in a carry-on as you will wrinkle and potentially damage it. Since a tall man’s suit is the bulkiest item, it makes sense to wear it while you travel so you can stay light and mobile.
























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Found: Must Have iPhone Apps for the Tall Working Man

December 12th, 2013

Happy Mid-Holidays Everyone,

Technology is a medium that differentiates a person’s ability from the next guy. It is important to maintain a competitive advantage by keeping up with the rapidly changing technological advances in today’s hardware, specifically the iPhone. The iPhone by far is one of the most widely used mobile devices used by the Tall working man. Its uses are ever expanding, thus, its value is ever growing too. The apps that you can find and download for free or for small money, can provide you with the necessary tools to live your life happily and easily. Listed below are the must have iPhone apps by category for 2013.


Warm Regards,







flashlight app


One of the most useful features to the iPhone is the ability to leverage your PDA as a giver of light. If you are ever need to find something in the dark, this is the tool to have to find what you are looking for.





wikihow; Emergency Survival Kit


emergency survival kit app



You never know when disaster strikes and it’s important to have a guide to lead you through it. This FREE app includes vehicle emergencies, wilderness survival, animal attacks, CPR & Choking, Escapes and Rescues, Extreme Scenarios, First Aid, Home Emergencies, Natural disasters, party emergencies, self-defense.







Weather Channel

weather channel app


The weather impacts everyone and it’s important to know how good or bad the weather will be. The weather channel app is FREE and you can customize the cities in order to quickly get the information you need. It includes hourly and weekly weather forecasts and past/future radar maps.



Google maps


google maps


A good map is essential to any business traveler or tourist. This FREE app is easy to navigate and view from the iPhone. It includes mapping directions, turn by turn GPS navigation, public transportation routes and traffic reports.




Taxi finder


taxi finder


If you need a ride to the hotel, airport, or home, this is the FREE app that will assist. From the location you are at, it will find a cab and help calculate the taxi fare.





Productivity app

 Money is a tool that provides opportunities. This FREE app consolidates all your banking information into one place so you know what you have. You can customize your dashboard to include all your banking checking/savings accounts, credit cards, personal property assessments, loans, and retirement accounts. It provides alerts when purchases are above your monthly target and gives useful advice on how to manage your money better.




dashlane app


 This FREE app provides an easy, safe way to manage all your mobile site passwords and credit cards data. It’s a digital wallet and personal file cabinet in one. Great to have when on the road.





evernote app


A great memory tool for those living a busy life. You can write and save notes as well as take photos of whiteboards and power point slides and store them. The searching navigation is easy and you can organize your notes so that you can be more productive.








pandora app


This Free music app allows you to customize radio stations by favorite artist, album or song. There are frequent interruptions for advertisements but you can get a lot of hours of songs easily. Music is a great travel buddy and this app does not disappoint.






cnn app


CNN provides the best FRRE news app. You can get notifications of breaking news so you are in the know immediately. The mobile news page is easy to navigate and very organized in layout. A great app to find out what is going on when you’re on the road.




Candy Crush


candy crush app


This is the best FREE game app to consume your free time when waiting to arrive to work. A modern version of Tetris puzzle game, you will find yourself addicted in no time. The levels get harder each round and there seems to be no end in site. I’m on level 92 what are you on?




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Men’s clothing for the Long & Tall, not Big & Tall 

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Found: Long Neck Ties

December 5th, 2013

The typical neck tie is not long enough for tall men. Finding long ties is one of the biggest challenges when outfitting tall men for work. The neck tie which evokes sophistication and professionalism falls short of such an image because its length is too short.  A normal tie rests on the middle of the waist line for an average person, but on a tall guy, that normal tie ends up 4 or 5 inches above the waist line. A short tie reinforces the tall awkward  image.  

Many Long & Tall men are creative with how to compensate for these tie short comings. They either tie a half Windsor knot instead of a full Windsor knot to add two plus inches of tie length or they tie the knot higher up in order to extend the tie length. The problem with the latter is the back of the tie is too short to be placed in the back loop so it dangles freely and exposes the wearer’s dark secret: he is wearing clothes too small for him.

But there is good news, we have discovered a few long tie brands & retailers (listed below in no specific order) that will solve this problem!  All of these ties go well with a dress shirt and TEAL Premium Chinos.


Warm Regards,




Our Long Tie Top Picks: 




1. Nordstrom


nordstrom extra long tie








great selection, generally the ties are 64” long


2. Big Shot Neckwear


big shot neckwear long tie









great selection, our favorites include the Satin Dot and all Stripes.  ties are 67″ long


3. Vineyard Vines


vineyard vines long tie








love these preppy ties, great prints, only drawback is that their extra long ties are 63″ long









if you like stripes these are the ties for you, ties are 64″ long


TEAL Tips: 

Typical tie length: 58-62”

Long tie length: 63-67”

To fold a Windsor knot you need at least 66”


TEAL Apparel provides premium long pants designed for the Long & Tall man, made of quality materials, sewn in the USA and sold on-line.

Men’s clothing for the Long & Tall, not Big & Tall 

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