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Health and Wellness: Growing Up, Understanding Human Growth Hormone

August 29th, 2013

pituitary gland


Back to school is here and many parents are snapping pictures of their children on their first day of school and posting them online for friends and family to see. It’s amazing seeing these kids grow so fast year after year. This observation led me to myself: How do we grow? It is Human Growth Hormone (HGH).


Recently, there has been a lot of bad press about HGH in sports and how adults are misusing it for selfish gain in their professional sport vocation, but for kids, HGH is a good thing. It’s necessary for them to grow as children into adolescents.  HGH is a product of the pituitary gland found in the back of the brain. The gland pumps out HGH until adulthood (30 years) and then declines output levels 2% a year. The result is belly fat, sagging skin and decrease in muscle mass.


People want to live forever young and HGH can help. This need has generated a multi-billion dollar industry producing products with HGH that you inject into yourself to stop aging and increase muscle mass. However, there is little evidence that HGH will regain youth and vitality and the FDA has concurred. If fact there is evidence that HGH injections can cause side affects (joint and muscle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling diabetes, and heart disease.


There are a few safe alternatives to naturally increase your growth hormone (Reference Dr. Oz)
1) Eat Fenugreek. A vegetable
2) L’Arginine. An amino acid found in vitamin supplements
3) Sleep


In the end, there is no quick fix to staying younger. Eat right, stay active and sleep well will be enough to feel great and live long and tall.


Warm Regards,


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Found: Long T-shirts

August 15th, 2013

Exciting news everyone!

I recently found 3 tall boutiques that offer T-shirts for the long and tall man. Interestingly enough, they all reside in the Seattle/Vancouver area. An ordinary t-shirt is about 2+ inches shorter in the overall length and sleeve. For a tall man there is too much exposed skin on the arm and it usually looks too small overall (see picture below of the typical white T-shirt). However, these three tall boutique e-tailers have found a solution!  They have designed t-shirts that not only fit the long and tall man, but are also comfortable and come in a variety of colors.  

I recommend pairing any of these t-shirts with the TEAL premium chino and your favorite kicks for a weekend or casual look.

Read on for our review of their products.

Warm Regards,




FOUND:  Long T-shirts


FOUND white t



The Control

Before reviewing the long t-shirts my husband, Ed, tried on a typical white t-shirt.  The overall fit and sleeve length are too short.








FOUND black v


Tallboys Apparel (

Sizes : S(29 inches long) – XXL (33 inches long)

Heavier Blend cotton that fits to the body snug. Soft and durable.

 Have 2 different styles and 3 color options

Website was easy to use and very informative.






FOUND teal v

Beanstalk Apparel (

Sizes:  S (30.5 inches long) – XXL(32.5 inches long)

Lightweight Cotton Blend with Bamboo and spandex which makes shirt very breathable and soft. Fabric drapes very well and fits body great.

Received personalized thank you note with purchase from CEO which made the experience better.

2 different styles and 9 different colors. 





FOUND grey v

Six8 Clothing Company (

Sizes: LT -3XL-XT

Lightweight Cotton shirt with great hand and drape.

They have 2 style and 5 color options They also have jeans and short sleeve button down shirts.

Sizing is challenging to understand and had to call the company to find out what to select.

Website was slow to operate when purchasing item.


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Tall Adventures: Martha’s Vineyard Family Trip

August 1st, 2013

Martha’s Vineyard is one of New England’s treasures. A few weeks ago my family and I took a day trip there.  It was a whirlwind, but totally worth it. Here is our trip in pictures.

Warm Regards,




Martha’s Vineyard (MV)


Our day trip starts with an early wake up call and drive to Woods Hole Ferry Landing. There is little to no traffic so it should be easy to reach the 8am ferry.

Ed driving to MV










Arrived at Woods Hole Ferry Landing with time to spare. But WAIT! There is no parking at Wood’s Hole Ferry Landing, you have to drive 25 minutes back to Bourne, MA and park there and take a shuttle back to the Ferry. This is ridiculous and now we will be have to take the 9:30am Ferry. Got to hustle.

MV sign










After 2 very long detours to the parking lot in Bourne, MA that took us over 50 minutes (should have been 25 min) we stopped off at the Daily Brew Coffee House for a second breakfast and bathroom break. Now we can take the parking shuttle to the Ferry and then our MV tour will commence.  The Daily Brew Coffee House has the most incredible muffins, a fortuitous potty break!

breakfast on the go










Finally made it to the Ferry, got the tickets and we are on our way. Everyone is excited, But WAIT! We are arriving at Oaks Bluff not Vineyard Haven. The rental car is in Vineyard Haven. After the quick 45 minute ferry ride, we have to take a 25 minute cab to the car rental. The logistics to MV are a bit tricky for us novices.


MV ferry









ed on ferry












The Hertz rental guy gave us a free upgrade to a larger SUV which was great. Everyone had enough room to relax and look at the magnificent views outside. Traveled 30 minutes to Aquinnah Cliffs and by now the kids are restless. We found a large patch of grass near the cliffs and flew kites. The wind off the sea cliffs is perfect for kite flying as they got big air. The kids had so much fun.


kite flying












Its lunch time and we are hungry. We go to the Aquinnah Shop Restaurant and gorge ourselves on lobster rolls. Heaven!


Lobster roll lunch










Everyone is fed and happy, we take the 2 minute walk to Gay Head Lighthouse from the restaurant. It’s an Iconic red brick lighthouse with amazing views of the Aquinnah cliffs and ocean.


gay head light house








After a few photos at the Gay Head Lighthouse, we are back in the car and make our way to Edgartown. Here I am catching a quick nap with my kids.


jenni and kids sleeping









We arrive at Edgartown and park the car. We make it to the docks where you can take a quick ride to Chappaquiddick island. Love the laid back island/boating vibe. Everyone is riding bicycles. This is summer!










After gazing out at all the boats sailing by, we walk to Edgartown Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the pride and joy of Edgartown. We loved the shade as the midday sun burned down on us.


edgartown lighthouse











jenni and perry in the shade











After cooling off in the shade by the Edgartown Lighthouse, we decide to stop at one last lighthouse.  Here is the East Chop Lighthouse. They are beginning to look the same now. The vistas are incredible!


east chop lighthouse









We decide to go home and take the 5pm Ferry. Martha’s Vineyard is a lovely getaway and wish we could stay longer. We will return for a longer stay once the kids can both ride bikes and swim.  Overall, a memorable trip!


shuttle ride home









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