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Tallisms: Paul Bunyan Day (June 28th): Celebrating America’s Favorite Mythical Giant

May 30th, 2013

To end your week, here’s a little light reading and tall inspiration. 😉

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P.S. The Fashion Camp is a Bay Area Blog devoted to all things Fashion. Next Monday 6/3 we will be featured in a special Father’s Day post.  Please check us out Thank you for your generous spirit, dear friend and fashion maven, Kena!



If you were to ask “What would a Big and Tall guy look like?” We would reply by describing Paul Bunyan. A giant bearded man wearing a red flannel shirt, jeans, and boots while carrying a big axe to chop down trees. To us, Big and Tall men are giants of men who perform feats of godly strength that leave you in awe, not slam dunk basketballs which ends up being the common stereotype. Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes and for many people in Northern America, they celebrate Paul Bunyan’s mythical feats in a day long festival of feats of strength and skill (ax throwing, tug of war, cutting logs, log carrying, log sculpture, eating and height contest, etc.). Paul Bunyan is so popular to the masses that states and towns are fighting over claims that they are the original home of the Paul Bunyan man or story.




So who is Paul Bunyan and why is he famous?

Paul Bunyan was a gigantic lumberjack of American Folklore. The stories originated as camp fire stories and then gained popularity when the stories were published in early 1900’s. According to folklore, Paul Bunyan and his blue ox “Babe” lived and travelled around country. He is “credited” for his many deeds which are:

  • He created logging in the U.S.
  • He scooped out the great lakes to water Babe, his blue ox.
  • He cleared the entire states of North and South Dakota for farming.
  • He trained ants to do logging work.
  • Babe’s large footprints created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.

Obviously, Paul is a gifted ant whisperer with incredible strength whose trusted sidekick ox has a drinking problem and makes a mess after himself. If this isn’t tall inspiration, we don’t know what is. What is your tall inspiration?

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Tallisms: Inspiration Through Tall Buildings

May 23rd, 2013

Recently, I read an inspiring article that the One World Trade Center in New York City finished adding a 408 foot spire making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere and third tallest building in the world. After tragedy struck down the Twin Towers over a decade ago, New York has rebounded to new heights showing the world America’s strength of character and will. We love that giant size evokes emotion and confidence and what better way to demonstrate your character by erecting a tall building or structure. Just think of any tourist destination and we bet there is a tall building there to view. Size does matter.

If you like to travel as much as I do, then it’s good to have a running list of places to go and see on hand. If you are looking for tall inspiration within America, here is a list of the tallest buildings by US state.

Warm Regards,



BUILDINGS WTCx-wide-community

 One World Trade Center, New York

Image from,

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, dbx studio



BUILDINGS Willis_Tower_9


Sears Tower, Chicago

Image from



BUILDINGS ar128153256186786


Bank of America Building, Atlanta

Image from



buildings OB-VR452_1213us_G_20121213171802


US Bank Tower, Los Angeles

Image from




BUILDINGS jp morgan chase


JP Morgan Chase Tower, Houston

Image from




Tallest Buildings in US      
Alabama Mobile RSA Battle House Tower 745
Alaska Anchorage Conoco-Philips Builoding 296
Arizona Phoenix Chase Tower 483
Arkansas Little Rock Metropolitan National Bank Tower 546
California Los Angeles US Bank Tower 1018
Colorado Denver Republic Plaza 728
Connecticut Hartford City Place 535
Delaware Wilmington Chase Manhattan Center 330
Florida Miami Four Seasons Hotel & Tower 789
Georgia Atlanta Bank of America Plaza 1023
Hawaii Honolulu First Hawaiian Center 429
Idaho Boise US Bank Plaza 267
Illinois Chicago Willis Tower 1451
Indiana Indianapolis Chase Tower 811
Iowa Des Moines 801 Grand (The Principal Building) 630
Kansas Wichita Epic Center 320
Kentucky Louisville AEGON Center 549
Louisiana New Orleans One Shell Center 697
Maine Portland Franklin Towers 204
Maryland Baltimore Transamerica Tower 529
Massachusetts Boston John Hancock Tower 790
Michigan Detroit Renaissance Center 750
Minnesota Minneapolis IDS Center 792
Mississippi Biloxi Beau Rivage Casino Hotel 347
Missouri Kansas City One Kansas City Place 624
Montana Billings First Interstate Center 272
Nebraska Omaha First National Bank of Omaha 634
Nevada Paradise The Palazzo 642
New Hampshire Manchester City Hall Plaza 275
New Jersey Jersey City 30 Hudson Street 781
New Mexico Albuquerque Albuquerque Plaza 351
New York New York City One World Trade Center 1776
North Carolina Charlotte Bank of America Corporate Center 871
North Dakota Bismarck North Dakota State Capital 242
Ohio Cleveland Key Tower 947
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Devon Tower 850
Oregon Portland Wells Fargo Center 546
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Comcast Center 973
Rhode Island Providence Bank of America Building 428
South Carolina Abbeville Prysmian Copper Wire Tower 373
South Dakota Sioux Falls Qwest Tower 174
Tennessee  Nashville AT&T Building 617
Texas Houston JPMorgan Chase Tower 1002
Utah Salt Lake City Wells Fargo Center 442
Vermont Burlington Decker Towers 124
Virginia Virginia Beach The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center 508
Washington Seattle Columbia Center 932
West Virginia Charleston West Virginia State Capitol 293
Wisconsin Milwaukee US Bank Center 601
Wyoming Laramie White Hall 200


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Found: TEAL’s Top Brands for Spring

May 16th, 2013

Outfitting the tall Lallier men has always been a giant task to tackle. My husband recalls his mother driving  around to different department stores trying to find basic every day wear and it always ending in frustration and sometimes tears. Then the Big and Tall Catalogs came and helped the discovery process, but they still lacked quality brands and options that fit well. Time has since passed, but very little has changed in the big and tall space. 

Currently, I found the sizing options at many big and tall retailers are not for the tall man with long limbs, but for the big man with big limbs. Just knowing which brands fit men with long legs can be such a nightmare, so we decided it was time to divulge our favorites to make your shopping experience easy and stress free. Here are our top Brands for Spring (which all go great with the TEAL Premium Chino!). We hope you find items that you love as much as we do.


Warmest Regards,



Sport Coats & Blazers


hickey freeman blazer   Hickey Freeman  *

   Hart Schaffner Marx

   Joseph Abboud


   Ralph Lauren 


Casual Shirts


facconnable shirt   Facconable  *

   Brooks Brothers

   Long Shot Apparel






peter millar polo   Peter Millar  *

   Ralph Lauren







banana republic t-shirtBanana Republic  *

Ralph Lauren

Calvin Klein




 Boxer Briefs


calvin klein underwear

Calvin Klein  *

Banana Republic






banana republic shortsBanana Republic  *


Peter Millar

J Crew





facconable jeansFacconable  *


Lucky Brand


7 for all Mankind




coach belt Coach **

 Brooks Brothers

 Banana Republic






allen edmonds shoes  Allen Edmonds  *






* Represents the Editors Top Pick.  

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Health and Wellness: Standing Tall To Improve Your Health and Happiness

May 9th, 2013

My husband recently encountered a new trend in the workplace:  standing while you work.  After resarching the topic I found our that sitting down for the majority of the day is not healthy and has a tremendous number of negative side effects such as: back pain, weight gain, loss of energy, lack of productivity and sadness.

Read on to learn more about this subject.

Warm Regards,



 standing at meeting


Standing Tall To Improve Your Health and Happiness


What happens if you sit over six hours a day?

  • 54% more likely to die of heart attacks (research journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise).  
  • Death Prematurely by over 37% for women and 18% higher for men (2010 study by American Cancer Society)
  • Burn 40% less calories than those who stand (research study from Men’s Health).

The standing at work concept includes meetings too. Many corporate conference rooms have no chairs or meetings are conducted with everyone standing up. A 1998 study showed the meetings were found to be one third shorter and the decision results where the same.  It is no wonder why the people I see standing at work look healthier, are happy and more productive.

Jenni also did a self-study this past week, combining more physical tasks (20 minute exercise, packing moving boxes, fulfilling and shipping orders) requiring her to step away from the desk frequently. She found that her productivity was higher when she returned to her desk after doing other tasks in addition to feeling more alert, healthier and happier.


So why is this relevant for the long legged man?


Guys with long legs, like me, historically do not fit under normal sized desks (30 inch height) and a great solution for this problem is to stand and use a standing desk. Not only is it healthier, but we’ve found it can enhance your work performance and happiness. There are many standing desk options in the market, but there are three that we believe would specifically help the tall man with long legs.

Don’t forget to maintain an ergonomically correct posture:

  • Make  sure your monitor is at eye level
  • Keep your arms parallel to the floor  (your arms should be at the same level as the keyboard)


Found: Standing Workstations



kangaroo standing desk


Kangaroo Pro Junior

Adjusts main work surface height 15″ above your desk




Safco Products Company - Images Library




Safco Muv Stand-up Adjustable Height Workstation

Adjusts height from 35″ to 49″





Anthro Elevate 2 standing desk



Anthro Elevate II

Adjusts height from 28″ to 47″

Lifts 150 lbs.



Hot Off The Press: Ditch Your Office Chair for a New Standing Desk


Also, read this great blog post from WIRED Magazine regarding this same issue:

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Q&A with TEAL Apparel

May 2nd, 2013

TEAL Apparel is the first premium long pants brand for men with long legs and tall frame. Want to know more about TEAL Apparel and how we started? Read on for my first in-depth self interview.

Warm Regards,



Q&A with Jenni, Founder of TEAL Apparel


Q:  Why did you start TEAL Apparel?

J:  I started TEAL Apparel to solve a personal problem: provide premium clothing for men with long legs and a tall frame.  To this day, I find it nearly impossible to find clothes that fit well and are made of quality materials. Ie set out to remove this obstacle and make the entire shopping process from search to purchase, easy and straight-forward.

Q:  How was your business idea conceived?

J:  In 2010, during a shopping trip in Las Vegas (a destination with something for everyone) that we realized that existing retailers still had nothing for Tall Men (only Big Men) and the custom tailor was the only place to find quality clothes that fit.  I had a light bulb moment  and decided right there, that I had to do something and build a brand where men with long legs and a tall frame and their loved ones could shop for clothes that fit well and look great.

Q:  How did you come up with the name TEAL Apparel?

Self interview original thornSelf interview Ted










Left: The original Thornton (aka Thorn), Right: Thornton II

J:  TEAL  is an acronym for my husband Ed’s family name: Thornton Edward Arthur Lallier. Ed’s Dad is the Junior, Ed is the Third and our Son is the Fourth.  If your Grandfather and Father have long legs it’s likely you will too and with that come some of the same upsides and downsides.  We decided to use Ed’s family name because we wanted TEAL to reflect the generational challenge to find clothes.

Q:  What’s the inspiration behind the logo?

Self interview signet

Thornton’s signet ring from WWI

J:  The TEAL logo is actually the Lallier family seal. Ed’s Grandfather (the original Thornton Edward Arthur Lallier) was in France during the World War I in 1914 and he wanted to have something to remember his experience overseas. He had a jeweler create a signet ring with his initials on it. The jeweler juxtaposed all 4 of initials on top of each other to create the logo you see now. Since our Company name is Ed’s family name, it made sense to use our family seal as well to represent it graphically.

Q:  Who is the TEAL Man?


  • The TEAL Man has long legs (inseam 34”+)
  • He has a hard time finding pants long enough to cover his legs
  • He prefers not to shop at Big and Tall stores
  • He may have his clothes custom made

Q: Why did you choose to focus on the premium segment of the tall market?

Self interview pants

Fit prototypes

J:  There are many casual Tall and Big and Tall clothing brands in today’s market, but there are no premium designer brands that focus entirely on this market. We wanted to be the first to deliver such an offering and build a brand committed to clothing and improving the Tall lifestyle.

Q: Why are you launching with pants and nothing else?

J: Pants, particularly Chinos, are the most difficult piece of clothing to find for men with long legs so we wanted to tackle that issue first. You can hide your short sleeves by rolling the sleeves up but you cannot hide floods. If your pants are too short and the seat of the pants do not fit, it will show. I want to build a brand focused on solving tall & long clothing problems, one garment at a time.

Q:  How were you able to launch TEAL Apparel?

Self interview jenni at pcSelf interview ed fulfillment










Above: Jenni working on the website development, Right:  Ed helping to package the chinos

J:  Resourcefulness and tenacity were two major reasons I was able to get this idea off the ground.  I am also truly passionate about clothing for Tall Men with long legs and worked really hard to make the vision into a reality. I am “bootstrapping” the business and using our connections in the retail, finance, and technology industries to help us organize and construct the Brand. We concluded the only way we to deliver a best in class product was to control the entire process from design, manufacture and retailing. We are able to provide a premium product at a lower cost than what the market currently offers because we sell directly to our customers versus going through distributors.

Q: Do you have any experience in the Fashion Industry?

J: Yes, I worked at Banana Republic. We combined this experience with other past jobs in finance and brand management to create a very well-rounded outlook on how to create and manage TEAL. I also know when to contract out to specialists when I am not the master. Building a great operational team has been the most time intensive project, and it is ongoing, however it has given us a significant edge when it comes to executing results.

Q: What is your value proposition?

J:  We have 6 actually: Fit, Quality, Service, Value, Accessibility and Style. 

FIT: The proportions and fit of countless prototypes have been tested so that TEAL’s original design flatters the man with long legs and a tall frame.

QUALITY: Made of the best materials in the world and handcrafted proudly in Massachusetts, U.S.A.

SERVICE:  Returns and exchanges are easy. Your shopping experience to be enjoyable and stress-free.

VALUE:  I believe our pants rival the finest brands in the market, but sold at a lower cost to our customers because TEAL designs, manufactures and retails itself.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Sold exclusively online, available 24/7, mailed right to you in a few days.

STYLE:  TEAL designs incorporate versatility, function and form to elevate your lifestyle.

Q: What is next for TEAL?

Self interview color

J:  Color. TEAL launched with a golden khaki pant, but know that the TEAL Man wants options and different colors to get through the week.

Q:  What makes the TEAL Premium chino better than any other khaki out there?

J: First, the fit is designed specifically for the man who has long legs and a tall frame which is unlike anything you can find. Second, the quality of all of the materials used to make the pants as well as its construction enable you to live in your pants comfortably without restriction. Third, the design details have long legs and a tall athletic frame in mind like our pockets that have openings that are angled and large enough for proportionally larger hands and longer pocket bags so the items in your pocket are set deep enough and won’t fall out. The pant legs and knee openings are extended so you can feeland look good in your pants, but not look like you’re wearing wind sails.  The saddle of the pant is tailored with more of a curve so that it accomodates the bottom. And, we leave our pant legs unfinished with enough length so that you can customize your hem to a ½ inch increment or a cuff.

Q:  How do you style your TEAL Premium Chino?

J:  My husband has a couple looks for my TEAL chinos. First, he likes to wear a button down long sleeve shirt from Facconable with Allen Edmonds dress shoes and a tailored blue blazer for work. And, for errands and family time on the weekend he like to pair a short sleeve polo shirt from Peter Millar with Sperry topsiders. Comfort and versatility are important to him and the TEAL chino achieves this!

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