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Found: Shop The Shoot

March 28th, 2013

So you finally have tall pants that fit, now what about everything else?  Here are the brands that we used during our photoshoot. We included these brands because they are available in sizes that fit and flatter the 6’3+ man. Specific prints and colors may not be available, but we picked items that are year round staples.

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 Business Traveler






Guys Night Out





Weekend Comfort 





Business Casual







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Tallisms: Generational Awkwardness

March 14th, 2013

Men’s fashion has certainly evolved over time due to the functional requirement during that period, but has men’s big and tall fashion changed over time too? I wondered what my tall ancestors wore so I conducted a brief historical fashion review to compare the fashion trends of four time periods with what tall men wore during that same period.

It is fascinating to see how men’s fashion has become less formal. Yet tall menswear has remained the same: lots of flowing fabric designed to cover the body, but not fitted to the tall man’s shape. Also, shirt sleeves, ties, jackets, accessories also appear too short for the dimensions of the tall man which confirm the generational misfortunes of tall dress. Because there is a small percentage of above average tall men in a population, menswear manufacturers decided to focus on the average height population and have the custom tailor work with the outliers. For you the reader, it’s good to know that at TEAL Apparel, we make clothes specifically designed to fit that tall body type so you never look awkward and only feel amazing!

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The Evolution of Tall Men’s Fashion


1850 – 1900



Masses      1850 mens fashion                         Tall 1850 tall man







1900 – 1950



 1900 mens fashionMasses                             Tall 1900 tall man 2                                                    


 1950 – 2000



1950 mens fashion1950 tall man 2 Masses                              Tall







2000 – Present



2000 mens fashion 2  Masses                             Tall2000 tall man 5







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Hot Off The Press: Tall Dutchman Travels 600 Miles For Clothes

March 7th, 2013

I recently read a fascinating article about a very tall man from Holland who had to travel 600 miles to England to get clothes from big and tall menswear store, HIGH and MIGHTY. Honestly, someone had to leave their own country to find clothes!  The Dutch are considered one of the tallest populations in the world so I found it amazing that a 7’3 Dutchman could not find clothes locally and had to leave his own country to get basic wardrobe essentials.

Tall people in general, deal with tremendous hardship when it comes to obtaining clothes that fit and are stylish. Many fruitlessly go to department stores to find clothes and come away with nothing or they go online to tediously search through big and tall catalogues for clothes that fit the slender body type not the wide waist body type. It is a mess! Some resign themselves to go to a custom tailor to get bespoke clothes, but that gets to be very expensive and many do not have the bankroll to do it. There is no perfect solution and some of the big and tall stores do try to help, but their inventory is focused on the larger overweight market than the tall and slender market.

Knowing the challenges tall people face, you can understand why some will take desperate measures to fulfill basic clothing needs. Some decide to wear their pants below their waist and risk plumbers butt or wear matching colored socks in order to prevent the appearance of floods. Another desperate measure is to purchase fabric which match their pants and sew it at the bottom of their pants so there is enough to cover all of their legs. Most purchase oversized clothes and have them tailored in, but the fit is all wrong and so you look and feel awkward the entire time. However, this is all trumped by someone that travels 600 miles to find clothes. It is great to know that HIGH and MIGHTY offers clothing solutions for the big and tall, yet this desperate act begs the question: “Why must it come to this?”

TEAL Apparel will save you from such desperate measures. We offer pants designed specifically to fit the tall slender body type and crafted from the finest materials in the world. 

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tall dutchman


The 600-mile shopping trip for 7ft 2in former Somerset Teacher


From the Western Daily Press, published on August 30, 2011 and posted on

At a towering height of 7ft 2in, Alan Herbert struggles to find clothes that  fit him.

With no shops in Holland providing clothes that he can wear, Mr Herbert  regularly makes a 664-mile round trip to a store in Bristol which sells clothes  especially for tall people.

Mr Herbert, of Utrecht, first discovered High and Mighty in The Horsefair in  1992 when he was living in Taunton and has been back more than 50 times  since.

The 39-year-old teaches English as a foreign language, so has worked in  Sweden and Holland over the last few years, regularly returning to his favourite  Bristol shop.

He visits about six times a year to pick up five or six items of clothing,  and says trousers are the most difficult thing to find.

“I have a leg length measurement of 42 inches, and the longest trousers you  can get in most shops are 36 inches,” he said.

“If I don’t buy my clothes here in Bristol, I have to buy a small pair of  trousers and add material onto the bottom, which isn’t ideal.”

He gets a train from his home in Utrecht to get on a Eurostar train to  London, and then gets another train to Bristol to stock up on clothes.

He said: “It’s a great store and the staff always make me feel welcome, which  I really appreciate.

“Without the tall ranges that High and Mighty have carried over the last few  years, I would really have been in trouble.”

The store called in their loyal customer to relaunch the branch on  Friday.

Steve Randall, who has been manager of High and Mighty Bristol since Mr  Herbert started going there, said: “I think it’s brilliant that Alan has agreed  to come over from Holland to help us relaunch the store. “He has been such a  fantastic and loyal customer over the years and we are always really happy to  see him. We’ve been at this site since 1972, serving the fashion needs of the  big and tall men for almost 40 years, and with this new refit we hope that the  High and Mighty experience for both our current customers and new customers will  continue to measure up to being the best.”

Following an acquisition by JD Williams in September 2009, High and Mighty  stores are benefiting from a £1 million refurbishment programme.

Mr Randall says the new-look store offers a welcoming, comfortable shopping  area, with a clear, open feel.

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