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To be honest here, sending my husband off to the office in a snappy pair of nice and long, perfectly fitted Teal Apparel Chinos wasn’t the problem. My issue stemmed from his other half (not me)— as in watching him cruise out the door wearing one in his large collection of long-sleeve, button down dress shirts with sleeves that had clearly been made to fit the arms of a newt.

This look was only halfway good, same as his sleeves. Bottom half, golden. Top half, not golden. Light goes off and we’re now in the shirt business.


Everything we told you about our 4.3 oz cotton fabric is true with this shirt as well. Only our Light Oxford is made with an incredibly soft and breathable 6 oz cotton fabric that is sourced from Portugal, famous for being home to the first ever hot ever balloon flight in 1709, for milling the finest quality corks stuck in any bottle and now 6 oz cotton fabric that underpins the very foundation of every Teal Apparel Light Oxford Shirt. Yes, it’s a wonderful world. NOW TOGETHER IN PORTUGESE: Sim, é um mundomaravilhoso. Every TEAL Apparel dress shirt is cut and sewn in New York City, New York.


6oz., 100% Cotton.Milled in Portugal.

Machine wash cold, Do not bleach. Hang to dry do not tumble dry. Light iron.

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